Sale advantage: a well secured house

Selling a property is not always easy, especially when competition is strong. Having burglar-proof equipment often makes all the difference.

Security: an increasingly effective selling point

It is therefore easy to understand why security is becoming an increasingly important issue for most of our fellow citizens. And this is true not only in general terms, but also in terms of real estate sales. Having a house equipped with surveillance cameras reduces the risk of burglary by 22% compared to a house not equipped. The dissuasive effect also exists for buildings equipped with burglar alarm systems. All in all, in view of these elements, a secure property considerably increases the probability of selling a property, since it is certain that a confident buyer is more likely to fall for a property than a worried or sceptical buyer. The act of buying, in this context, will be facilitated.

Security assets that can make the difference

The best known and probably the most effective are certainly the burglar alarms. A detector system allows an alarm to be triggered when intruders enter the home or a part of the home under protection. Highly effective and dissuasive, this device seriously limits the risk of theft after a break-in. But other methods exist, such as the surveillance camera. Formerly reserved for VIPs and wealthy clients, it has gradually become a must in terms of home protection. Some of them are simple decoys designed to deter intruders, while others actually film the premises and sometimes record the images. There are even now video surveillance kits with more or less developed functionalities. Some devices allow you to equip your home with a large number of cameras of varying degrees of sophistication. The level of resolution, infrared range and optical zoom vary according to the models chosen, offering a more or less important level of security according to the needs and means of each person. It should be noted that a number of accessories are available to further strengthen the arsenal and offer even more protection. These include security boxes, LCD monitors with image recording systems, warning stickers and technical support materials to help you react quickly and effectively in the event of an intrusion. While the above-mentioned devices are aimed at preserving the habitat, it should be remembered that the presence of fences or gates contribute in a more global way to the sanctuarisation of the property, and therefore constitute the b.a.-ba in terms of protection and security.

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