How to make your home “green”?

Today it is possible to live in a 100% ecological house or at least in a house that will respect certain environmental principles. From energy to building materials to the maintenance of your garden, you can have an ultra-reduced impact on the environment, on your health and on the health of your neighbour. Moreover, even if they are often more expensive at the outset, in the long term they become more profitable than traditional homes. Here are the instructions for obtaining an ecological house!

The 3 principles to respect

For a reasoned habitat, it is enough to respect certain principles which seem obvious but which it is sometimes good to remember. 
Energy performance, health and respect for the environment are the three basic principles for healthy and ecological housing.

1- Respect for the environment :

When embarking on this type of project, one must think about using natural building materials, little transformed and coming from short and local circuits that will have had a low impact on the planet during their manufacture and transportation.

2- Health :

Think about building with non-toxic materials and manufactured with the greatest respect for the environment. This is how we obtain optimal indoor air quality.

3- Energy performance

The home should no longer be an energy sieve. Good thermal insulation and the use of renewable energy sources can also lead to significant savings in heating and electricity.

Energy solutions for your home

When it comes to electricity, there are solutions to have a low impact on the environment. Electricity suppliers are now offering "green" solutions. Either the electricity you consume comes from a renewable source such as hydroelectric power stations or wind and photovoltaic power; or the equivalent amount of electricity from renewable sources that you consume is injected into the electricity grid. These suppliers must also prove the Guarantees of Origin of the electricity sold and produced.

The electrical autonomy in question

The photovoltaic solution is profitable in the long term since you produce your own electricity and the surplus is stored in a battery for your future consumption or bought back and redistributed to the power grid. The offers of the different suppliers are custom-made and certified. It is estimated that the payback period for an installation is 3 years. Knowing that the lifespan of a photovoltaic panel is 25 years, the investment is therefore more than profitable.
And if the sun shines less than usual, conventional electricity takes over to light and heat the home.

What are the different sources of green energy available?

Green energy comes from different sources, each with different production volumes. Electricity production comes from hydropower, wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass. The solution to find the supplier of green electricity for your home, condominium or business is to go through an online comparator that will make the competition play to get the best price while respecting a very precise specification.

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