Renovation: Why switch to natural gas?

A renovation project is an opportunity to improve a home's energy performance. Right now, natural gas certainly holds the greatest promise for the years to come.

Improve a home's energy performance with natural gas

During a renovation project, it can be very interesting to switch to natural gas. Natural gas can easily replace an oil, propane, electricity or even wood installation. Nothing prevents a new boiler from being combined with a heat pump or even photovoltaic equipment. Ideal for improving the energy performance of a home, natural gas has the particular advantage of emitting 30 to 50% less CO2 than other fuels. Moreover, the installation of a boiler outlet is not a problem and can be carried out in different ways.

Natural gas, a versatile and economical energy source

The other great advantage of natural gas is that it can meet all your daily energy needs. During a renovation project, it will be possible to use this energy for heating, hot water production and even for household equipment. What's more, natural gas is a really good idea for day-to-day savings. Available at a much more advantageous price than other energies, such as electricity for example, natural gas has seen its cost remain stable for several years. It is therefore a long-lasting and effective solution for supplying an entire home economically.

Banking on the future with natural gas

If the price of gas is stable, and will remain so for many years to come, it is, among other things, because this energy exists in very large quantities. As a true energy of the future, it can now be exploited optimally thanks to innovative equipment. As proof of its efficiency, natural gas is used to create positive energy buildings, which are capable of producing more energy than they consume. This feat has been made possible thanks to truly innovative equipment, such as a gas micro-cogeneration boiler for example.

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