Attic insulation: the ecological and economical trick

An energy-intensive house will not be easy to sell. Potential buyers may be put off by the work that needs to be done to improve the thermal performance of the building. As far as the roof is concerned, there are simple and effective ways to improve the insulation of your home at a lower cost. So think about it!

Why insulating the attic?

When renovating a house, insulation work is an essential step. The attic is one of the elements most conducive to energy loss. Poorly insulated, they can represent up to 30% of energy loss in the home. Located just below, they are the most exposed to cold, sunlight and wind. So by doing the necessary work, you could considerably increase the thermal comfort in your home. You will keep the heat inside your home in the winter and summer temperatures will be lower. There are several ways to insulate attics. It all depends on the style of the roof but also on what you plan to do with your attic.

Insulation of converted attic space and lost attic space

For converted attics, you can use insulating wool panels to be installed between the roof and the wall. Whether the room is used as a bedroom, an office or a playroom, you will also need to think about letting light in through windows. For these openings, PVC is the least expensive material for good insulation. For the thermal insulation of attic spaces, there is a very quick and effective solution. Instead of rolls of wool, it can be "blown", i.e. thrown and sprinkled on the floor. Moreover, within the framework of the program validated by the government Energy Solidarity Pact, this operation can cost only 1 euro depending on your income.

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