How do I decorate the fence in my garden?

While the main role of a garden fence is to delimit and protect the property, it is also an element of exterior decoration. To avoid the prison or industrial land effect, here is a list of ideas to decorate your fence in a personalized way. Let's go for a well-thought-out exterior decoration that will bring charm and value to your property!

The vintage fence: for the most nostalgic ones

We plunge back a few years with this idea of vintage decoration, which lends itself particularly well to country houses and rural areas. We opt for a wooden fence, which is left rough or painted white, leaving the veining visible. If you like to tinker and if you have the time, why not build your wooden fence yourself? To do so, establish the perimeter of your lot and the number of rooms you will need. We advise you to use a Festool trimmer to round off the edges nicely. Finally, if you have sheet metal that you don't use, recycle it to cover the roof of your letterbox. This will put the finishing touch to your vintage and country decor.

The personalized fence: for more conviviality

If you have to respect the PLU (Plan Local d'Urbanisme) of your community, you can nevertheless decorate the inside of your fence as you wish. And why not make it look like you? If you have a passion, now is the time to put it forward! Are you crazy about fishing? Hang fishing nets on your wall and add a few lanterns to brighten up your summer evenings with originality. Get your children involved by asking them to choose or make decorative elements. For example, for car enthusiasts, old license plates will give a retro look to your outdoor d├ęcor.

A fence in the green: for original fences

When you want to decorate your exterior, it is best to give nature a prominent place. So, first step: recycle materials and objects that can be recycled. For a "green", eco-responsible fence, then reuse your old jars to make pretty vases and your old buckets to make beautiful flower pots. Also think about your old gardening equipment, which can add extra charm to your decoration. A watering can full of mimosas, hanging from an iron hook? We say yes! Finally, don't hesitate to border your bamboo fence, which is both aesthetic and resistant.

A useful fence: the alternative to the garden shed

You don't have room to build a garden shed but you have plenty of tools to store? Make the most of your fence space. Go to an outdoor decoration store and buy several mailboxes at low prices. Attach them in disparate ways along your wall and make sure they are watertight. Now you can store your Dewalt tools in a sheltered place while giving your garden a new look. For extra pizzazz, paint the letter boxes a different colour and, for a warm touch, decorate them with the first name of each family member. Yes, yes, even the dog and cat! Here are four ideas to decorate your fence and make it both original and aesthetic. So, which option will you choose: the traditional and vintage fence, the fence in the colours of your passion, the green fence or the garden studio style wall?

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