Questions to be asked before choosing a pool

It is a long way from the time of the rectangular swimming pool in which it was possible to do a few laps and cool off in summer. Now there are a wide variety of models available, which can be enjoyed all year round. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before choosing a pool!

Why start a swimming pool project?

The use that you intend to make of it will determine the whole of your project. To go further, it is then time to ask yourself a few key questions about its purpose. Do you want a pool in which you can do laps and practice an activity such as aquagym? A water point so that children can have fun for a few weeks a year? A pool you can enjoy all year round?

What kind of space do you have?

A standard swimming pool occupies about 20 m². If your garden is small, that doesn't mean you have to give up your project. You can opt for a mini pool: this type of installation has all the characteristics of a standard pool, only smaller. Are you really short of space? You will easily find a cheap and efficient inflatable spa. You can even opt for a swim spa!

When would you like to enjoy your pool?

Bar cover, Silverline heat pump, swimming pool cover... There are now a lot of high-performance equipment available to bathe you all year round. The indoor swimming pool is often reserved for a main house. For a second home, a simple heating system is enough to enjoy pleasant water from spring to autumn.

What budget are you willing to commit for your pool?

The above-ground pool is ideal for small budgets. An in-ground pool is the most expensive, as it requires more extensive work. Usually surrounded by a terrace, it can also have additional features, such as a solar pool shower. It is a relevant choice if you wish to add value to your property. How much time can you devote to the maintenance of your swimming pool? An above-ground pool can be emptied in winter. But an in-ground pool requires a minimum of maintenance. In an area exposed to frost, you will have to opt for active wintering, which consists of letting the pool idle. Draining, filtering, controlling the water... All these small actions require regularity.

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