Tips for a stress free relocation

You are soon moving into a new home and in the next few weeks you may not see the time go by. Between sorting things, organising the relocation and the administrative procedures, there is still a lot of work to be done! Here are our 5 tips for a stress-free relocation.

Sort through your cupboards

Relocation is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all those useless objects that clutter up your home and that you no longer use. Give them a second life, others may need them. Either sell them on websites for transactions between private individuals or call on associations such as the Companions of Emmaus. If you throw them away, give maximum priority to selective sorting.

Organise your relocation

To organize your relocation properly, it is best to rely on a professional. Many options are possible, from a minimum service to the complete packing of your belongings. You'll avoid both a serious backache, and the friends and/or brother-in-law who will stand you up on the day of the move. To take advantage of a cheap relocation, don't hesitate to use our online price comparison calculator. In just a few clicks you'll receive several quotes from relocation companies in your mailbox, so all you have to do is choose!

Estimate the cost of your relocation

Often we don't really measure how much a relocation costs in total. Try to draw up a budget that is as accurate as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition to the relocation itself, you will have to pay additional costs for starting up the electricity meter in your new home or installing the Internet. Not to mention the bulbs to change, new curtains to put up, and other essential equipment. Keep in mind that a relocation puts a strain on the annual budget, so make sure you optimize costs as much as possible.

Don't neglect the administrative procedures

Remember to inform your energy supplier that you are relocating. This is also an opportunity to change your energy supplier to find a better offer. Don't forget to take out home insurance at your new address. This is mandatory when you take an inventory of the property. You have the choice between taking out a new one or revising the one you already have. Also organise the forwarding of your mail with La Poste. Declare your change of address on the website, and the update will be carried out for all public bodies.

Prepare your property for the inventory of fixtures

If you wish to recover your deposit, you will probably have to do so in advance to restore your accommodation. It's best not to wait until the last minute to plug holes in the walls with plaster, clean the extractor hood, descale the taps, empty the cellar, or even put your hand back on all the keys. Otherwise, panic is guaranteed! Also check the electricity (sockets and ceiling lights), as well as the proper functioning of the radiators.

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