Property added value: the spa and swimming pool asset for your home

Remodelling the kitchen or bathrooms of your home will help you sell better. But there's an even more profitable development: installing a swimming pool or spa. This operation allows you to increase the value of your property by 20%!

An increase in the value of your property thanks to a swimming pool

For the price of a car, it is now possible to afford a swimming pool. There are different pool models, from the above-ground model to the underground model, the semi-underground pool and the swimming corridor. In-ground pools bring the most value to your home, especially in the south of the Loire: up to 20% added value. To be well installed, your pool should preferably be in the sun and sheltered from the wind. Certain safety equipment may be mandatory (tarpaulin, alarm, barrier, etc.) depending on the size of your pool. The pool cover offers many advantages to your pool. It allows you to use it in bad weather for a good part of the year. The cover creates a greenhouse effect that increases the water temperature by 6 to 8 degrees. In addition, it slows down evaporation and limits the deposit of impurities, making pool maintenance easier and less frequent.

The spa, a solution to add value to your property

Sometimes there is not enough space or financial means to install a swimming pool. In this case, a spa offers an excellent alternative. Potential buyers will be won over by this relaxing space. The spa represents a limited investment. Depending on the size, installation method (inground or above ground) and options, the price of a spa varies between €5,000 and €10,000. Another advantage of the spa facing the pool is the work. These are much less heavy and it is not necessary to apply for a building permit or a prior declaration of work (except for some outdoor underground spas). Specialists such as Spas Europe can help you install your spa, and also provide you with all the necessary spa accessories: maintenance product, nozzle, filter...

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